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With Thorinder, grinding becomes
a work of pleasure!

Product specifications:
4-part grinder made of matt black aluminum.
50mm diameter
Height of 40mm.
Includes 120 micron pollinator grid.


The Thorinder Mini is a grinder with the same characteristics as its brother,
but lighter and smaller.
The Thorinder Mini is 5cm wide and 4cm tall, which makes it very portable.
It is made of anodized aluminum, with very little weight and great
resistance, and incorporates a Net of excellent quality.
The blades that the grinder has are located and have the perfect shape
so that with precise movements you do not have to do more to undo it.

The Thorinder Mini comes in a box that you can carry it around anywhere,
with confidence that your favorite grinder will be completely safe.

If you are looking for a top quality grinder, here is a good option to choose.

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